Top FPS Games That You Can Play On Android

With smartphone hardware getting better every year, the demand for FPS (First Person Shooter) android games on android phones, is now huge. If you’re here you want to know about the best first-person shooters for Android. Well, we’ve given you exactly that. Check the list below.

PUBG Mobile

Does this PUBG Mobile game even require an introduction? Right now this game is the most popular FPS game around the world thanks to its Android availability. There is a huge community of players so, you’ll have company every single time.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty isn’t an unknown name to the PC gaming community but, recently it was also released for Android. Think you can take the challenge? Start playing then. The number of players is increasing hugely every day. This game is available in the Google play store.

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Modern Combat 5

Getting into something slightly more in the medium segment, we get Modern Combat 5. Targeted toward more general & casual FPS gamers, Modern Combat 5 is the favorite of many. If you fall into this category of FPS gamers, you may want to try out Modern Combat 5.

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Combat Assault: SHOOTER

Want to get into something different than the common names? Combat Assault: SHOOTER might be just the one for you. Yes, it’s a first-person shooter, of course, but, the graphics look slightly different. You get what you’re in for but, with a slightly unusual approach.

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Hitman Sniper

Ready to get into something bigger? Start playing Hitman Sniper & get the action started. The graphics are awesome, it’s full of action & excitement. However, this game isn’t free but, it’s somewhat we can call pretty cheap, it shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

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The above mentioned are some of the top FPS games that you can have on your smartphone. Also, there are other GeekBlogs from which you can find more FPS Smartphone games.

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