Top English Superhero TV Series’ To Watch In 2019

English superhero TV series’ is literally a global sensation now. Thanks to their Internet presence, people from around the world now regularly watch these TV series’. Now, not all these shows are worth watching right? So, which ones should you watch in 2019? Well, we have sorted out the best of the best & listed them here for you.

Marvel’s Agents Of Shield (ABC)

This is by far the best  TV show that you can watch. The stories are directly connected to the MCU with characters like Philip Coulson leading the characters line & we’ve occasionally seen appearances of Nick Fury & Maria Hill. There are direct references & plot connections to the MCU movies as well.

Marvel’s Agents Of Shield Season 6 premieres on ABC but, you can also watch it on Netflix.

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Batwoman (The CW)

Introduced in last years “Elseworlds” crossover, Batwoman is getting her own series. The story will start at the very beginning of Batwoman’s arrival & slowly lead to this year’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. The character has already made her mark in the short screentime she was present in & we’re expecting an amazing series of her own. Batwoman will premiere this Fall on the CW but, we don’t have any info on the global online availability yet.

The Flash (The CW)

Getting infected by dark matter & becoming one of DC’s biggest superheroes ever is what The Flash literally is. This is a full action packed & somewhat science simulating popular TV series. The season 5 just wrapped up & the season 6 should premiere around October of this year. It premieres on The CW but, you can watch it online on HOOQ & Hotstar.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)

Collecting the most ridiculous group of superheroes & turning them into an amazing group of time travelers is what DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow was about. But, experimenting with weird ideas is what turned this weird TV show into a global sensation. The Season 4 just wrapped up & the next season should premiere around October as well. It also premieres on The CW but, you can watch it online on HOOQ & Hotstar

Supergirl (The CW)

Supergirl has been an awesome superhero series till now. The second Kryptonian has been grabbing our attention from 4 seasons now & it’ll return for the 5th one hopefully also in October. It premieres on the CW but, you can also stream it on HOOQ & Hotstar.

So, these are the top superhero TV series that you can watch in 2019. If you want other recommendations, just drop your request in the comments section below. Let us know who is your favorite GeekStar from the above-mentioned TV series.

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