Best Nintendo Switch Case – Carrying Cases And Protective Cases

Looking for the perfect case for your Nintendo Switch? We have the best Nintendo Switch case recommendations right here. Oh, and don’t worry, we have suggestions for both carrying cases & protective cases. Have a look at the list below & pick exactly what you need so you don’t have to waste your time on online research.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case Options

The carrying cases mentioned here allow you to carry the Switch, a bunch of games, a charger, cables & even the TV dock (only the first option includes space to fit the dock).

iVoler PortableTravel All Protective Carrying Case

This is the best carrying case that we were able to find. It allows carrying the Switch itself, all the cables, the TV dock, the charger, cables & 18 game cards. It is also water-resistant so, you should have enough time to get away from the rain. It’s also shock-resistant so, drop from your hand should not damage your Switch.

Buy the iVoler PortableTravel All Protective Carrying Case

AmazonBasics Carrying Case

This is a cheaper yet good option compared to the iVoler case. It doesn’t have space for the TV dock & it can store up to 10 game cards. It has water resistance & shock resistance so, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t want to carry the TV dock, you can get this one instead & save some money.

Buy the AmazonBasics Carrying Case

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Best Nintendo Switch Protective Case Options

Protective cases that we selected are rugged back covers that snap into the switch just like back covers for smartphones.

Mumba Slim Rubberized Hard Case

This one is the top option that we have in this segment. It is rugged, shock resistant & scratch resistant. So, even if you drop your Switch while playing, it should not break. It’s kinda slightly more durable & slightly safer.

Buy the Mumba Slim Rubberized Hard Case

AISITIN TPU Protective Heavy Duty Case

This option is slightly cheaper but, it has a transparent back so, you can flaunt your Nintendo Switch style. It also has shock & scratch resistance and they also include a tempered glass screen protector in the package.

Buy the AISITIN TPU Protective Heavy Duty Cover Case

Those were our recommendations for the best Nintendo Switch case options. Let us know what else do you need a recommendation for in the comments section below & we’ll try our best to put that on board.

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