Best Japanese Rice Cooker – Suggestions And Buyer’s Guide

Best Japanese Rice Cooker

First of all, the rice cooker is one of the most popular electronic products which you can buy in Japan. Whether you want rice as the base for sushi or as the complement to other dishes, cooking the rice is deceptively difficult. But, it becomes easy to make rice if you have a Japanese rice cooker. As a result, they use quality materials and try to develop better technologies in their products. It’s fair to understand that people who want better quality products look for the Made in Japan mark on the products. Here in this article, you will find details about the best Japanese rice cooker which you can buy online.

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Below Are The List Of Best Japenese Rice Cooker

1. Panasonic SR-KT067-K

This stylishly designed cooker has no buttons. Rather, it has a glass touch panel. Many people say that this simple design makes washing and cleaning easy. If you are into simple designs then give this a go! It is 3.5 go size and slightly small.

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This small capacity rice cooker has a cooking plate as an attachment which can cook food at the same time as cooking rice. In addition to that, it also has a recipe book including 40 kinds of dishes. Whereas, it is popular for those who are busy or live alone. It has cooking recipes, which saves about 10 % of your electricity use and 30 % of the steam than usual cookers.

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3. IRIS Ohyama KRC-MA50-B

In fact, this cooker alters the cooking method by a rice brand. Also, it has other features like boiling and steaming. So you can use it other than to cooking rice. Even though it is a microprocessor rice cooker and has all the amazing features. The menu of rice cooking is available for No-wash rice, regular rice, rice gruel, boil/steam. Additionally, there are three different modes distinctive cooking mode, eco mode, and fast cooking mode.

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