Best Room Décor for Gaming

Room Décor for Gaming

Some people are lucky enough to have a dedicated gaming room in their house, but even if you’re not one of them, you might want to make a certain room—such as your lounge or your bedroom—more gaming-friendly, especially if you are one of those gamers who tend to spend long stretches of time in front of the console. Whether you are decorating a special gaming room or a multi-use room, here are some tips to make it the most gaming-friendly it can be.

RGB lighting


If you are a graphic designer or some kind of computer tech, you will probably be familiar with the acronym ‘RGB’, which stands for red, green, and blue and indicates the color space used by digital monitors, as opposed to other color spaces such as CMYK—cyan, magenta, yellow and black (K)—which is the domain of print. RGB, however, is also a type of light—the low-level, often colored lights that are found in clubs and arcades. RGB lights come in different forms, such as skylights to emulate constellations, laser lights for vibrant colors, and projection lights for ethereal effects. Choosing the right combination of RGB lights for your room will make your gaming experience much more atmospheric while also ensuring that you avoid eye strain from spending a long time in front of a screen. Click here for some tips on how to choose the ideal RGB lighting setup for your room.

Comfortable seating


If your gaming seat is uncomfortable, you will pay the price for a long gaming session by having stiff, aching joints the next day. Choosing a soft, cushioned seat with just enough firmness to support your body will make your gaming experience much more pleasant and avoid leaving you in pain for days afterward. Click here for a big bean bag chair that will make your room game-ready.

Themed wall posters


To get you in the mood for a gaming session, consider decorating the walls of your room with some posters related to your favorite video games. Posters can simply feature the video game cover, but there are also many artists out there who dedicate their time to creating original artwork inspired by popular games. These are often incredibly atmospheric pieces that will be the envy of all your gamer friends! See here for an example of an evocative poster by Amit Kumar inspired by the hugely popular game franchise Assassins’ Creed.

Soundproof panels

Even the best noise-canceling headphones or earbuds are unable to block every single external sound, which is why you should consider soundproofing your room for the optimal immersive gaming experience. Tacking pyramid acoustic foam panels to the walls and doors of your room will provide effective insulation against external noise, whether that be a busy road, your annoying neighbor’s loudspeakers, or the cries of the baby next door. You can find some acoustic foam panels in a variety of color choices here. Should these prove too expensive, consider adding some soft rugs to your room to deaden unwanted sounds instead! 

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