How to Keep your Collections Safe: Comics, Figurines and Posters

Keep your Collections Safe

Whether you are an avid collector or just a rookie, you are going to need to have somewhere amazing to store your collectibles. Whether you have a few miscellaneous curiosities, or you are a dedicated classic Marvel comics collector, there are some things you must know about how to keep your collectibles safe. Below are some top tips to keep your precious things safe, whether it is comics, figurines, or posters.

1 .You need to think about the best location

The best location within your home for your collectibles must be decided upon before you do anything. There is a lot that you have to keep in mind about keeping fragile items, especially if they are still in their original packaging, or are a rare artifact. Here are some of the things that you will have to consider, to keep your collectibles in their prime condition:

  • Lighting. Natural light will damage the original coloring of the packaging and of the figurine, and you have to be especially careful about comics, which have delicate inks. 
  • View of passers-by. If you live on a busy street, you might be tempted to show off your collection. Don’t. There will be someone who knows exactly what they are looking at and they will do anything to get their hands on what prized possessions you have, especially if you have something ultra-rare
  • You are going to have to think about the temperature and humidity. Paper quality can deteriorate quickly if it is placed somewhere that has widely fluctuating temperature and humidity. Remember to avoid microclimates within a stable environment at well. Fortunately, there is cheap equipment around for you to monitor your environment.  

2 .Once you have selected your location, you must think about a unit

A display unit is perfect for your collectibles. You can adjust the light, cover it or have it on display, or even make it the perfect condition for your collectibles. But an important part about a display cabinet is that it is fit for its purpose. If you feel that it is worth the investment, you should probably think about ordering a display unit that is custom-made to your exact specifications. That way, you won’t be forced to make your less appealing pieces the centerpiece of your cabinet because the shelf is too small to fit on anything else. 

3 .You also need to think about locks

You need your display cabinet to be secure. It might have the highest quality locks that you can find, but that won’t stop the robbers from breaking the glass and stealing your precious collectibles anyway. You should think about getting your whole house properly locked and secured. By getting the highest quality locks from reliable suppliers, such as Tradefix Direct, you can make sure that your house remains safe, and therefore all of its content unharmed. 

Naturally, you would want to do a lengthy bit of research into which locks are suitable for their purpose before investing in the best lock to keep your treasures safe. 

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